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We can help you obtain planning permission or a Lawful Development Certificate for the following:
New builds – commercial and residential
All outbuilding and extensions
Loft conversions with rear dormers
Basement development
Landscaping and garden design
Changes of use
Unauthorized developments – commercial and residential
Our Comprehensive Planning Application Service:

Mega Planning Ltd.Planning and Building,We provide everything needed for you application, including an initial feasibility study, a full survey of your property or site, sketch schemes, full planning application drawings, Design and Access Statements, Planning Statements and submission of the application itself. Once all this is completed, we monitor and manage the planning applications and liaise with the council to ensure that your application has the greatest chance of success.
Lawful Development Certificates:
Some developments don’t require planning permission. For example, they may fall under permitted development rights. A Lawful Development Certificate can provide useful formal confirmation that this is the case and the proposed development is lawful.

There was considerable support for the proposal to allow all local authorities to dispose
of their land with the benefit of planning permission they have granted themselves.
8. Experienced Team,The key reasons given by those who supported the proposal were that:
it would give local authorities greater flexibility, allowing them to take a more
proactive approach to land assembly and to bring forward public sector land for
development more quickly and efficiently it would allow local authorities to benefit from the uplift in land values arising for the
grant of planning permission there was no good reason for the current difference in powers and the proposal will
bring consistency
9. However, a number of those who supported the proposal suggested there may be
potential for misuse of the power and the need for appropriate safeguards to ensure
transparency and accountability.
10.Mega planning ltd. Architectural Design, Planning Permission Consultants The potential for misuse was also the main concern raised by those respondents who did not support the proposal. Some respondents offered suggested safeguards including that all cases should automatically be referred to the Secretary of State to consider if they should be called in or not.Government response
11. The Government welcomes the support for this proposal. We acknowledge the concerns raised by respondents about the need to ensure that the power is not misused by local authorities. Planning Applications However, we note that this was raised as a general concern – rather than a specific concern about two-tier authorities.
12.Mega Planning Ltd.Expert Advice And Consultation,We consider that the current rules which apply to unitary authorities already contain sufficient safeguards to protect against misuse. Local authorities have to advertise and consult on their own applications in the same way as any other application. They cannot be determined by a committee, sub-committee or officer of the authority Planning Applications,Architectural Design, Planning Permission Consultants concerned for the management of any land or buildings to which the application relates. And like any other planning application, local authorities’ own applications must be decided in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise and authorities must take account of relevant planning objections
made by local residents.
Get Planning Permission.Planning Permission Consultants,Planning & Permitted Developments,Expert Advice & Consultation,Planning Applications,Building
13.Planning Permission Consultants,The Government considers that all local authorities should be placed on the same footing in terms of handling their own development proposals. We have therefore,decided to take forward the proposal as consulted upon in the White Paper.Get Planning Permission.Planning Permission Consultants,Planning & Permitted Developments,Expert Advice & Consultation,Planning Applications,Building