Planning Appeals

Planning Appeals

If your planning permission is refused, you have the right to appeal against the council’s decision. Mega Planning can provide professional advice and guide you through the planning appeal process.

An independent government body called the Planning Inspectorate deals with planning application appeals. The Planning Inspectorate is independent to your local Borough Council and can disregard their planning policies, overturn a local planning permission refusal and grant planning permission.

Submission of Planning Appeals:

Most planning appeals are handled under the written representation procedure. This requires that the person appealing submits a statement detailing their arguments against the council’s reasons for refusing. Appeal statement usually includes the following:

An analysis of relevant Local, Regional and National planning policies and an assessment of how they can be applied in support of the grant of planning permission.
References to examples of buildings in the local area that have been granted planning permission for similar proposals.
The inspectorate generally takes four to six months to decide a written representation planning appeal. Written representation planning appeals are recommended for most developments that are not highly complex.

What Are My Other Options:

Hearing procedure: An informal meeting between the applicant, the planning inspector, the council and the planning consultant. Members of the public are also permitted to make their objections to the planning application known.
Public Inquiry: A formal court hearing that involves the planning consultant, planning inspector and the council. Additionally, third party experts may provide evidence to a Public Inquiry.
Both of these options are more suited to large, highly complex cases and appellants who can foot the very high legal costs.

We Can Help You Build a Strong Case:

At Scientific Designs, we are able to draw up and submit an appeal that specifically deals with the pertinent points of your refused planning permission. Our experience enables us to find any flaws in the council’s planning refusal notice and counter them with a strong, expertly prepared planning argument.