At Mega Planning Ltd,LONDON,ILFORD,ESSEX.our work process
our work process puts you in control at all times and our friendly,experienced team are always on hand to help.

Our Process


Building a loft conversion in your property requires a significant financial investment and it is vital you know how the process works from start to finish. Any construction work taking place in your home can be stressful and working with a loft conversion partner who understands that can prove invaluable.

At Mega Planning we always take the time to listen to your questions and concerns. Our transparent process puts you in control at all times and our friendly, experienced team are always on hand to help.

Upon receiving your enquiry either by phone, email or our website, we will respond to arrange an appointment for one of our experienced loft conversion team to meet you at your property. This will allow you to pose any initial questions you may have about the loft conversion process, while we ensure that your loft can be converted

To give you a brief overview of how the loft conversion process works, we have set out the four stages for you to view below.


To supply you with an accurate quote, we will record the relevant dimensions and measurements. Our team will also take a number of photographs of the loft space and external roofing to provide our support team with as much information as possible.

Based on the requirements discussed with our surveyor and the scale of construction work needed to build the loft conversion, we will put together a detailed quotation for you to review. This will include full costing and timescales for the project and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the quote.

We are proud of our ever growing list of satisfied customers and have numerous examples of completed loft conversions we can show you. If preferred, we would also be happy to arrange for you to talk to one of our previous customers about their experience.

All of this is a free, no obligation service, designed to get you best loft conversion advice possible.


Once the quote has been approved we can proceed to putting together some loft conversion design ideas. We will arrange a suitable time for you to meet with our architect to go through the proposed plans for the conversion. Our draughtsman will take into consideration all of the relevant specifications, such as adequate head height and staircase position, as well as any other specifics that are related to your particular loft conversion.

We encourage people to raise any concerns or objections they may have about the loft conversion plans at this stage. Our team are professionals and understand that this is a personal project for your home and will never take offence at your suggestions.


With the loft conversion cost and the design agreed upon, where required, applications for planning permission, building control and party wall agreements will need to be sought. Once we have clearance we will agree a set date to commence work on your property and arrange for you to meet with the foreman and Project Supervisor ahead of the build. Once the appropriate scaffolding has been erected, we will order the materials and begin work on your loft conversion.

Your Project Supervisor will regularly visit the site and feedback to you on its progress. They will also be available at any time during the working day for you to contact if you have any concerns or questions that need answering.