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Construction & Project Management

We offer the following construction services:

New build – houses and commercial buildings
Extensions – single story or double story
Loft Conversions
Roof changes
Bathroom fitting and design
Kitchen fitting and design
Painting and decorating
Flooring and carpeting
Driveway construction
Damp proofing
Project Management
All construction projects, from small domestic extensions and loft conversions, through to large residential and commercial developments, will necessitate problem solving, decision making and time management to ensure that they run to budget and on time. Project managers can handle everything related to on-site construction, from solving construction problems and addressing issues raised by builders, to specifying and ordering materials and motivating the construction team to ensure that standards and deadlines are met.

Why Use This Service:

For small-scale domestic work, having a construction project manager can free you from the stress of numerous phone calls and other demands related to the project during the working day. The manager can deal with the building team and suppliers professionally, ensuring that decisions are made quickly and the project progresses smoothly.

For professionals dealing with large-scale developments, building project management is crucial to make sure the site runs to budget and timescale. Without a construction project manager, costs can easily exceed budgets as builders are forced to find less than optimal solutions to problems, supplies can fail to arrive on time as no one is chasing them up and general workmanship can suffer due to lack of guidance.

Project Management for Developments of All Sizes:

At Mega Planning, we are focussed on understanding the technical demands of each construction project. This is to ensure that schemes are completed safely, within budget, on time and to a high standard of workmanship. We have experience running a range of construction projects, from small scale domestic work to larger developments.